Viewing all the limitations and barriers within the education system.

Looking at various communities and the adversity or challenges they face.

Understanding the limitations of policies and practice in the workplace.


The effects of popular culture, technology and media.


Consolidation of all modules and an assessment to check understanding.

Over the course of Canada's history and its developing identity of a diverse and multicultural nation, many individuals and persons of colour from various ethnic or cultural backgrounds have been victims of racism and discrimination. The popular narrative often told through history is that Canadian society is a progressive one that is constantly advancing towards addressing the issues of racism and discrimination. The sad reality is that both racism and discrimination are still prevalent in Canada today, and to view Canadian history as a simple linear progression towards advancement, modernization and equality is a simplistic outlook to the many complex layers of deep-rooted issues around racism and discrimination. The four modules on this website have been compiled to focus on unravelling and understanding the complex issues around racism and discrimination in the education system, community, workplace and media in Canada today.

The content information compiled within these modules is a collection of the research and work pieced together and assembled by graduate students Gillian Siu, John Bertie, Ibrahim Qureshi and Sarah Baille from Ontario Tech University.